Imaging freeware

for Windows 95 to Windows 8

EyeBrowse is an advanced graphics editing, viewing and management program for Windows. It features animated GIF support, context-sensitive help, a customizable interface and image manipulation capabilities. Also included with the package is the EyeBrowse Update utility, which keeps your version up-to-date and can even fix installation errors.

Feature List

  • GIF image editing with frame extraction improved

  • Image Manipulation (blur, resize, crop, sharpen, rotate, negative, flip vertical/horizontal, grayscale, brightness & contrast)

  • Save to many more file formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PCX, WMF, EMF)

  • Batch File Management (perform operations on hundreds of files at once, e.g. rename to a numbered base filename and move to a destination directory)

  • Undo/Redo Actions (Undo has 5 levels)

  • Print with Print Preview (all standard options for printing available - this is fully fledged printer support)

  • Open EyeBrowse in a new Window (run more than one EyeBrowse at once, commonly known as running multiple 'instances' of the program)

  • Improved performance when loading and displaying images.

Download (1.8MB)



Minimum Requirements

- P90 processor

- 16 Mb RAM (Win 95/98/Me) 24 Mb RAM (Win NT/2000/XP/7/8/8.1)

- Internet Explorer 3.02

- Internet Explorer 4.x (only if you want the HTML help system to work)

- 5 Mb hard disk space

- 16-bit Colour Monitor


About EyeBrowse Software and

EyeBrowse has been around since September 1998, and continues to build a strong, loyal user base. We have thousands or users all of the globe. EyeBrowse is geared towards fast graphics management and editing and faciltates this goal through it's intuitive, friendly user interface and powerful functions. We always take into account your views when developing the future versions. Please feel free to email Kris using the address at the top of the page. EyeBrowse has had a turbulent past few years, with many different company names representing it. Now EyeBrowse is itself an entity in it's own right. is the sole website devoted to EyeBrowse software. EyeBrowse itself, was developed in VB6 and components in VC++. EyeBrowse has yet to be migrated to the .NET platform. The previous versions of the EyeBrowse Website,, were developed in PHP using MySQL. Now, we're powered by C#, ASP.NET & SQL Server 2000.

EyeBrowse has over 20,000 users, it has been featured in magasines such as .net Magasine, Heise in Germany, Windows XP Magasine. On ZDnet EyeBrowse was rated 5 stars. On 5 Star Shareware - EyeBrowse was rated 5 stars


Download (1.8MB)